How to use Social Icons as Marketing Tools

Social media is an essential part of the marketing world; it is how we do business.  The travel & tourism industry is reaping the rewards.

How are you communicating to your clients that you now have a Facebook or Twitter page? If you want to maximize the amount of traffic to your site,  you need to let people know you’re there. This is where social icons can help you.
Facebooklogo -3


Twitter_logoThese buttons that are popping up on websites today can also be used in traditional media to let people know you’re involved and evolved!  Have you considered adding these icons to your Yellow Pages ad, your business card, your brochures and your itineraries?  How about featuring these icons on your direct mail pieces, e-mail blasts and e-mail signature?  The next step is to make sure there is relevant content for new clients to view once they arrive at your site.

Tip:  If you’re new to using social media you may want to consider a postcard mailing to existing and potential clients showing your new Facebook page or announcing the resources you offer on your Twitter feed.  Tour Operators are finding that clients communicate with them via Facebook providing insights, suggestions and comments.

No matter where you are in your marketing development you can incorporate these tips into your ongoing plans. Start now!   Simply add an icon to your email signature, your website and other forms of traditional marketing and advertising.

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