How to Use Social to Build Relationships

How to use social to build relationships

The Travel & Tourism conference season is filled with so many amazing opportunities to build new relationships, see old friends and meet up with colleagues.

Once the last booth is taken down, the last box is shipped back and you’ve checked out of your hotel, how do you stay in touch and keep these relationships strong?

Meet up at the airport and carry on the conversation!  Easy!

What else?

Secrets to Social Networking

Let’s start with the platform most of us consider for building business relationships; LinkedIn.  As you’re waiting at the airport here’s some quick tactics:

  1. Dig out your business cards and connect with each person on LinkedIn. Remember to include a personalized note along with each invitation to connect.
  2. As you’re connecting and strengthening relationships, check out what LinkedIn Groups each person belongs to. If suitable, join the group yourself.
  3. Write a LinkedIn Article showcasing your efforts at the conference. How about mentioning the benefit your clients at the conference were most intrigued by; newest attraction, update or feature of your company.
  4. Remember to follow the conference organizers’ association company page for the latest updates. Remember to like, comment and share the posts.  Then take that up a notch and connect with others in the group whom you know.
  5. While you’re logged in to LinkedIn, create a video post about your conference experience. Remember to use @ to provide a shout-out and #.

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Build Better Relationships

Keeping up with your new contacts and colleagues is easy on Facebook.  While you’re waiting for your next flight….

  1. Send friend requests to your list of new contacts. Remember to check the conference app for your newest relationships and add them into your social networking strategy.
    1. You can also do this prior to the conference and connect with all those people with whom you have appointments
  2. Post your conference experiences on your profile and in groups that are geared to our industry.
    1. Remember to share videos, create albums, build slideshows and tag people
    2. Do you manage your own Facebook group? If so, here’s a way to better understand your group members so that you can create content that matters to them.

3. If you manage your company page, consider profiling your conference experiences to build credibility and professionalism

4. Create a Facebook and Instagram Story for your connections.

Social Frequency Matters

While we don’t have all day to network, a strategy of several posts over a week is usually manageable.  Keep in mind that all of your connections won’t see every post you make.

To maximize your exposure and time, create a blog post, Facebook Note and/or LinkedIn Article.  These options give your content a more evergreen effect.

Don’t forget about the power of email, the phone and follow-up hand shakes!  While old school traditional marketing may not seem as sexy as social, it has the power to cement relationships.

Strong relationships are the foundation of our industry. Don’t let your hard-earned relationships wilt or stack of business cards collect dust on your desk.   Keeping these bonds strong takes some effort, but that’s made easier by our social savvy.

Social Networking

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