6 Creative Uses for your Audio Podcast

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There are so many imaginative possibilities for using this technology.  For example, I’ve used it as an audio invitation to a workshop, as a way for clients to ‘meet me’ in advance, and as a warm-up to material I’m going to cover in a seminar.

Tour Operators:  If you’re putting together theater tours to New York, think how exciting it would be for potential clients to see you at the top of the Empire State Building talking about the history and scanning the view.  That’s credibility!  Theater buffs would relish the chance to see what a theater on Broadway really looks like and hear from you about the play you recently saw.  How about interviewing an actor? To market your podcast you can easily e-mail it to potential clients, embed it into your blog or post it on your Facebook or Twitter.  Create a contest and some buzz by asking people to guess where you’re filming from.

To re-cap here are the 6 uses for your creativity:

  1. Audio invitation
  2. Marketing  your upcoming tour
  3. Embed into a blog post
  4. Post on Facebook
  5. Tweet about it and include a link to your podcast
  6. Create a Contest around your podcast.

All this for a small investment in time and money.  Think about the remarkable impact you’ll make! To get started, please see Podcasting for Profit – The First Step to Success !   For tips and best practices, please see 2 Tips and 4 Best Practices for Podcasting!

Podcasting can be a very effective tool to reach your audience. With the ease of set-up, the simplicity of recording and the endless possibilities of reaching target groups; Why not invest in Podcasting? Remember the best part of a podcast is that you can tailor your message to specific clients. It can be informative, fun and a creative way to reach your clients in an exciting new medium! Keep the conversation relevant!

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By Catherine Heeg

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