Is it Worth Building Social Awareness in Tricky Times?

Is it worth building social awareness in tricky times

Do you ever think building brand awareness is like a spray & pray operation?   Post as much content as possible and pray that something reaches the right people who are interested in booking with you or visiting your destination.  During the good times as well as during tricky, tumultuous times, this is a….


Plus, it can be exhausting and expensive.  Guess what, there’s a far more structured strategy to grow awareness of your business.

Let’s back up a second and look at the steps of the sales process;

  • Awareness
  • Evaluation
  • Purchase

We’ll focus on the first step—Awareness.  So let’s dive in and explore this as a socially savvy tourism pro.

Picture your own travel & tourism marketing plan and let’s think about how to build awareness of your company even before the first step of the sales process.  Our goal is to:

  • avoid the thumb scroll
  • attract potential new prospects
  • generate leads and prospects

Here’s an awareness-building roadmap to attract attention and start building a relationship that will potentially lead to a sale.

Building Brand Awareness

Let’s think about your existing clients as we begin building this roadmap.   Ask yourself (or your clients) these quick questions:

  • What made them decide to look more closely at your tours/attraction/destination?
  • What marketing channels did they use in their research?
  • Which visuals attracted their attention?

With these answers in mind it’s time to start constructing the brand awareness journey that will inspire trust and showcase your credibility and value proposition. 


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Social Brand Awareness

Whether your company is brand new or has been in business for years, earning new clients is key to your survival. Social marketing helps generate potential clients and when you optimize your social pages some of the heavy lifting will be done for you.

Let’s start with some brand awareness basics that many travel business owners overlook.

Cover Images and Grids

Whether your clients hang out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or YouTube, their welcome mat to your business is your cover image.  Ensure it’s up to date and highlights current tours and products.

Consider the grid people see when they visit your Instagram profile.  Is it a jumble of images?  Or does it use a grid-planning tool to organize your offerings?  Check out tools like:

  • Planoly
  • SkedSocial
  • Plann

Reimagine the view your Pinterest visitors have when they land on your site?  Is it a mixed up mess of travel and tourism boards with your best content somewhere not easily seen?  There’s a super-easy fix:  set up “featured” boards and prominently display your best content.

Your Specialties and Services

Once your brand comes to the attention of new fans, showcasing your specialties, tours or services is essential.  Here’s some key ways to accomplish this:

  • Set up a ‘Services’ tab on your Facebook business page.  Then highlight each service you provide.   You’ll find it easy to add a ‘Services’ tab by navigating to Settings < Templates & Tabs < Add Tab.  Once the ‘Services’ tab is added, you’ll be able to add a description, price and image.
Add a 'Service' to build brand awareness

Figure 1 – Add a ‘Service’ to build brand awareness

  • Building awareness is simple when you use the attributes of each platform and get creative.
    • Write a Facebook Note (like a blog post) highlighting your newest offerings.
    • Compose an ‘Article’ on LinkedIn
    • Remember to build a Company Page on LinkedIn
      • Create ‘Specialty’ or ‘Showcase’ pages from your LinkedIn Company page
    • Shoot a video highlighting the benefits of your service.  Post the video to all your social platforms and include it in an e-blast

Stop wasting your time and effort posting any and every piece of content that comes your way.   Instead, focus your efforts on building brand awareness using the tips above and you’ll be rewarded with tangible results.

What’s your next step to better brand awareness?

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