LinkedIn. 3 ways to connect with colleagues

Are you looking for ways to connect and network with clients and colleagues via social media.   If you´re considering LinkedIn as the solution you´re in the right place. I´ve just finished 3 workshops for NTA (National Tour Association) at their conference in Seville and connecting with LinkedIn was a major conversation.

LinkedIn is a simple and professional way to make valuable connections and stay in touch with colleagues. Think about the opportunity to stay in touch with people you met at this conference or at any other networking event.

Here are 3 techniques you may find helpful:

1. Join a specialty group on Linkedin. There are numerous groups such as NTA, Tourism Professionals, etc. You can search groups easily to find your best fit. Then conduct a poll to learn what your colleagues are thinking.

2. Ask a question about an issue that you feel deserves more conversation. You can do this by starting a discussion in one of your groups.

3. Join conversations initiated by others in your group. This will get you involved in the conversation and help you meet other people in our industry.

These conversational techniques will shed some light on topics that are hot in your world. You´ll be amazed at the conversations, ideas and new connections you´ll make.

In addition, LinkedIn is the perfect way to connect with specific people in a company you´d either like to do business with or that you´d like to strengthen your ties. Consider this if you´re an attraction or hotel and are looking to connect with a tour company  product buyer. You may find them on LinkedIn by clicking on the ¨More¨ tab and then click on ¨Companies. Type in the company name you´d like to connect with and see a list of the people available on LinkedIn.


If you are a tour operator, consider using this type of search to look for specific people at a hotel you´re interested in using for your next group. This may help you make a connection before you even pick up the telephone.

Please let me know how you´re using LinkedIn to further your tourism or hospitality business. I´d love to hear your ideas.


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