Must-read Advanced Blog Tactics for Travel & Tourism pros – 16 tips

Did you know that 19% of travellers visit a blog site when planning a trip.  Wouldn’t you love for them to be so intrigued with your content and expertise that they book with you?

Content is KING!  Yet sometimes we all find it hard to get creative enough to entertain, educate and engage in each and every post.  To help you break out your creative side here are some killer ideas for you.

Curate content.

  • •Find your ten favorite travel websites.
    • •Publish a post listing these top ten sites and explain why you like them.
    • •Tip:  When selecting these websites, make sure they don’t have links to other agent booking engines or directly to supplier sites.
    • •Highlight your top 10 favorite suppliers/ships/hotels/beaches/resorts/destination…you choose
      • •You may want to write a blog about each category
      • •Enlighten your readers with your experiences enjoying each
      • •Include photos and your own reviews
      • •Capitalize on success
        • •Showcase top travel bloggers.  Check out this list.
        • •You’ll lead your readers to other top quality material and they’ll thank you for the resource
        • •Then make sure you’re on that list next year!
        • •Put together your own Top 10 listof resources
          • •Top travel apps, suitcases, packing tips
          • •Top wineries to visit in California and other destinations you sell
          • •Top restaurants in your top selling destination

Mine Socially

  • •Search your Facebook business page comments
    • •Write about what people are talking about
  • •Search supplier Facebook pages for comments and questions that may be similar to what your clients might ask.  This is like getting a gift for free!
  • •Search Twitterfor comments on your top destinations
    • •This will give you an idea of popular conversations that you can use to inspire your writing.
  • •Listen, really listen, when you phone/email clients upon return.
    • •Expound on their trip highlights.
    • •Put together a list of your favorite travel bloggers and connect with them about guest posting opportunities.
      • •Consider finding people who’s expertise compliments yours
      • •Search blog directories such as Technorati, AllTop to see what’s HOT!


  • •Write a review. Think about a product/supplier/destination that you like, and are happy to endorse, and write a review about it. No need to get too creative, just explain what you like about it, and why.
  • Use a current movie as inspiration. Just think, your research could be a trip to the theater
    • The Artist or Midnight in Paris and write about Paris.
    • The Help, focus on the old-South and current events, museums that will add perspective to the movie.
  • TV Shows as inspiration.
    • SMASH or Glee, write about new Broadway plays.
    • Cooking shows (Cupcake Wars, Chopped) and write about unique cooking schools in destinations you currently sell or have group departures.
  • Best selling books as inspiration
    • Snowflower and the Secret Fan—blog about modern day China and the chance to learn more about their history.
    • Corelli’s Mandolin.  Write about Italy and all it has to offer currently
  • Review your favorite Travel guide books for your top destinations
    • Highlight your top 5 or 10 guide books and review the ease of use, inclusions, size, etc.
  • Review your favorite ethnic cookbook
    • Weave in travel, culinary, wine and cooking school options.
    • Include a call to action to book with you

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Which of these content opportunities will you use first?

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