Networking! How to Create Your Soundbite


Love it or hate it networking is still the most powerful tool to promote your business and get to know potential new clients.

Let’s talk briefly about networking in person. In another blog we’ll cover networking in the social media world.

Whether you’re going to a party at a neighbors house, attending a conference or meeting with a formal networking group you’ll captivate more clients with a concise soundbite.

Sometimes known as an elevator speech, a soundbite is a short, succinct couple of sentences to capture attention and pass along what you do in an effort to fill a need for your listener.

There are a couple of ways to put together your personal soundbite.

  1. Think about what you could say about your business that would fit on a bumper sticker. This will be your opening line, so make it captivating!
    1. Travel agent: “I make your travel dreams a reality”
    2. Hotel sales manager: “Our guests are raving fans”
  2. How can you express the value you bring to your clients…in 8 words or less?
  3. What makes you remarkable in your clients’ minds?
    1. Think about the greatest compliments you’ve received

As you’re planning for your soundbite, you may want to answer several questions.

·What makes me unique from my competition?

·How would my top clients describe the service I provide?

·What solutions do I provide?

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