Podcasting Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Nail These 5 Tips.

Podcasting doesnt have to be hard

Although blogs and vlogs (video blogs) have been popular for some time now, podcasts have been sweeping all industries, including travel. Podcasts are essentially an audio blog, similar to a radio show.

Podcasts offer creators the opportunity to present their expertise in a way that is both entertaining and informative.

For travel advisors, 2020 has taught us that there is no greater resource than our expertise and getting it out to our clients in a timely matter. This combination of utility and fun, allows for podcast to continuously be a top medium for consumers.

Find your Niche

When you first consider staring a podcast you want to focus on what angle you want to go in at. Time and time again I am asked, “Is the podcast market already over saturated?” To which I say no! Just like starting your business, when starting a podcast, you must ask yourself the question, “what do I uniquely offer?”

Much like your business model, you want to find an opening in the market and place yourself appropriately in it. For travel agents, having a specialty is going to be key. Trying to focus on too much in travel is going to have the reverse effect of finding the right listeners. Connect with a certain demographic and you will find your following.

Five steps you may want to take to decide what your podcast niche will be.

  1. Do you have a niche already in your line or work? I.e., Destination weddings/romance travel
  2. Do some research on other travel podcasts and see what is out there — here is a great article by Travel and Leisure on some of the top travel podcasts
  3. Decide the type of tone your podcast will have — stories, interviews, breaking news, etc.
  4. Outline the first few ideas for the first few podcasts
  5. Decide if the niche and tone are maintainable long term

Use your own Personality

There is an old saying that people buy from people they like. A podcast allows you to take your personality and share it with your online followers. Humanizing the online/social media/digital experience for your potential clients will land you bookings.

When you create a human aspect to your business, especially online you help build trust between yourself and your followers. 81% of consumers state that they need to trust a brand to be able to buy from them (Source: oberlo.com article on branding statistics).

Promote, Promote, Promote for Podcasting Success

Once you have decided on your niche, and you are creating your content, you now need to get in front of the right people. That is where marketing comes into place. 90% of people buy from brands they follow on social media (Source: marketingdive.com).

Using the tools below you will be able to house and promote your podcast. You can find links to share your podcast on Buzzsprout as well as directly from Spotify and Apple Podcasts. This link can then be shared throughout your social media pages, on your email signature, or directly in a blog post.

A great way to get your podcast out there and to create crazy amounts of SEO is by downloading the transcript of your podcast and turning it into a blog post that anyone can read and search for.

Podcast Tools to Use

Here is a list of my top tools for podcasting. Grab this guide with even more tools.

  • Podcast hosting site:


This is an extremely user-friendly podcast hosting site that allows you to upload your recordings and get them streamed on sites likes Spotify and Apple Podcasts. They also give you a free podcast website which houses all your episodes that you can share with your clients.

podcast hosting made simple

  • Recording tools:

            – Zoom

Zoom is a video and audio recording platform. You can record video and zoom automatically sends you both a video and audio only recording. Even though podcasts are only audio, the video recording can be a great way to promote your podcast using clips of the video on social media.

Cloud Convert: 

Cloud convert takes Zoom’s m4a audio files and converts them to mp3 audio files, which are needed for most types of editing technology.

Cloud Convert


Download Audacity to your computer, to use as an audio editing tool. This is very user friendly and allows for simple editing of audio files to be able to safe and eventually upload to your podcast hosting site. Audacity has great training videos on Youtube like this one.

Audacity editing tool

  • Transcript Converter:


This transcript converter offers both free and paid versions to easily take your audio files and make them into transcripts that can be uploaded as blogs with the link to your podcast.


Podcasting:  Bottom Line

When starting a podcast you are going to find success by seeking out a need that you can fill, by telling your story and sharing your expertise, and like everything else online — by being consistent. You have a unique experience and perspective that no one else has, use that to find your niche and use my tools to create the next great travel podcast.

Free Podcasting Guide

Download your guide for all the tools you’ll need to record and market your podcast. This guide is jam-packed with tools & tips.  These tools will help you:

  • Record & Edit
  • Convert your recording for a variety of uses
  • Conquer 9 ways to market your podcast on social media
  • Ace 5 ways to use traditional marketing to grow your podcast following
  • Insider secrets to create a successful travel podcast


Amber ZakemAbout Amber Zakem

Guest post by Amber Zakem.

Amber Zakem has been working in the travel industry for 7 years, where she has focused on social media and marketing at the agency, consortium, and supplier levels. She recently left MAST Travel Network after 5 years as the Manager of Social Media and PR to work full-time for herself as a Social Media Marketing Management Consultant. Amber works with clients both inside and outside the travel industry to create custom social media and marketing plans. Amber has an MBA in Marketing, and continues to grow her business through social media management, podcast producing, and marketing consulting.

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