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Podcasting!  Is it audio or video?  Either and both!

That’s right!  Podcasting is a term that refers to both audio and video recordings that can be easily made right in your office or on the road.

What an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and engage your audience.

Imagine sending an audio recording to your potential clients inviting them to join your upcoming tour.  Imagine sending a customized video site inspection to a potential group leader showing the areas of your hotel or facility that will appeal directly to them and their clients…with you narrating and guiding them thru the facility.  Talk about building rapport.

The benefits are that you’ll capture the attention of your clients and potential clients as well as build your brand excellence.

The only equipment you’ll need for an audio recording is a microphone.  Check out an office supply store for one in the $30-50 range or a specialty music store for higher quality in the $100 range.

For a video recording, an HD video recorder is your best choice.  I chose the Samsung as it’s waterproof and  barely bigger than a standard cell phone.  It has about 2 hours of recording time available.  All the software you need to record and download is built right into the recorder.  From your computer you can upload it to You-Tube and then embed it into your blog or send the file to your clients.  (Remember, if you want to upload to You-Tube the video must be shorter than 10 minutes)

2014 Update: Check the video and sound quality on your smart phone to ensure high quality production.  If you’re using video, you may want to invest in a tri-pod.

Being prepared is the first step in getting ready to engage your audience and get your message across. Choosing the right equipment is just the beginning of reaching your audience and potential clients. In another post we’ll cover the next steps of 2 Tips and 4 Best Practices for Podcasting!

Keep the conversation going! Have you created a podcast?


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