Sales–The courage to say YES!

Do you remember when everyone was talking about ‘learning to say NO’ in order to find more time to grow your business?

Times have changed.  Now it takes more courage to say YES!

YES to an evolving method of keeping in touch with your clients.  YES to offering unique destinations.  YES to offering remarkable service in an unremarkable world.

Recently I had a conversation with my cousins’ daughter who’s in her freshman year at Yale.  (Yes, I am proud)  We talked about the courage to say yes to different opinions, yes to attempt to understand a unique perspective and yes to new experiences.  Sometimes it’s so much easier (translation: more comfortable and less scary) to say no and move along the same path as we’ve always traveled.

In this new decade, I believe saying yes is vital.

What we say YES to today will not seem so uncomfortable and scary tomorrow.  What can you say YES to today?

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