Search Secrets for LinkedIn Users

Have you heard what some people call LinkedIn? The ‘red-headed step child’ of social media. Imagine that! As a red-head I was a big put off by that description but I got over it quickly and jumped feet first into the functionality of LinkedIn.

Searching on LinkedIn

Did you know that you can search by company name to learn who may be a key contact for you? Think of the possibilities here in the tourism world. You can now search out a supplier of yours to learn who is the key product buyer. As a hotel, restaurant or attraction looking to increase your group market share, you now have the potential to connect on-line before you head to a major buying convention.

Another interesting search function that may be useful to the hotel sector is to search for potential new corporate business by finding businesses that fit the profile segment you want to tap into. For example, as a hotelier, perhaps you want to increase mix by appealing to boutique law firms. When searching these key words you’ll come across a bevy of firms you can contact about using your hotel for their next business trip or meeting.

LinkedIn discussions

Remember all those amazing people you met at your last industry conference or trade show? You vowed to keep in touch and LinkedIn provides that opportunity. You can keep abreast of discussions and news items that you have in common and then continue to develop your connection.

3 ways to use LinkedIn Groups

By joining groups on LinkedIn you have the chance to follow discussions and news items relevant to the group members. For example, perhaps you’re an NTA (National Tour Association) member and connect with the NTA Group on LinkedIn. You’ll find up to date association information, relevant news and conversations pertinent to this sector of the industry.

Along this same theme, once you join a group you can post information to generate conversations, send out polls and ask questions.

Let’s keep the conversation going. How have you been successful using LinkedIn for your business?

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