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Twitter Hashtag

Twitter Hashtag

On Twitter, there are some really cool conversations happening that bring together groups of people at a set time and date.  Think of combining a sales seminar and information meeting into 1 format that joins people from around the world.

This is a reality when you gather around a hashtag (#).  You’ll need a moderator and a conversations managing tool. For resources and a checklist, please click.

When you join a Twitter chat here are couple of tools that will make your chats easier.


If the moderator provides a transcript you can refer to it and connect with others on the conversation and download the links provided in the conversation.  Check out and to create your own transcript.  By merely typing in the # and the date of your conversation, these tools create a full transcript along with photos of participants.


Some people participate in Twitterchats directly from Twitter.  When you use the search key and search the # you’re chatting on, you’ll eliminate other miscellaneous tweets that enter your stream.  Then simply hit the refresh key often to see the stream in real time.

Other people find that using Tweetdeck or a similar platform provides a cleaner stream of tweets.


There are so many opportunities to use Twitter chats and here are a few of my favorites:

  • *Wedding & Honeymoon Travel specialists:  Twitter Chats are a great chance to meet with a number of brides to exchange ideas
    • This can be a benefit you offer to your clients—a chance to ‘talk’ with other brides about their plans, best ideas, on-line wedding resources, etc.
  • *Cruise only travel agents:  Imagine meeting on Twitter with a select group of your top clients.
    • Learn what they love about cruising then use this info in your next marketing campaign
    • Exchange ideas for the next group departure
    • “Ask a Travel Pro”—think about the opportunity to gain new clients by hosting a weekly or monthly Twitter Chat
      • People can ask questions based on a pre-selected topic; you share your expertise.
      • You can leverage this and gain new clients as well as more insight into what people are interested in—great fodder for your blog and your sales/marketing pitches to clients
  • *How about getting together with new corporate clients to review how they can use Twitter while on the road.
  • *Attractions and hotels:  Great way to meet with your top tour operators and conduct focus groups to learn their needs.
  • *Destinations can meet with their tour wholesale clients to learn what they would love to see in your destination.  This will be a chance to update them on the latest and greatest sites and activities in your area.
  • *Tour Operators can meet with their travel agent partners to listen and learn
  • *Tour Operators:  how about meeting with your group leaders to learn their needs and build a more creative product

Keep in mind that your conversations may be picked up by the media making interviews and greater exposure possible.

  • 2 out of 5 journalists get all their news from Twitter

How have you used Twitter Chats in your business?  I challenge you to start using this tool today!

See 4 Secrets to find Captivating Content, and discover how others find great social content!

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