Social media and tapas!

Here in the beautifully historic city of Cordoba Spain I´m enjoying Roman ruins, the famous Mezquita, and some of the best tapas in Spain.  After being a part of MoNTAge in Seville, Spain ….


Spanish Tapas

Spanish Tapas

I keep thinking about the similarities of social media and dining on the delicious small plates of fresh local cheeses, artichokes and meat dishes.  So stick with me here and let´s think about this for a second….


Perhaps the comparison to social media begins with the idea that you can sample many different foods or as the comparison goes, conversations with a variety of people.   Let´s look at these conversations as conversations with people you may not have had a chance to meet in any other situation.  Tapas may be that way also…you may not have the chance to sample these delightful dishes in a restaurant of any other type than a tapas bar.


Here in this tapas bar of social media, you´re able to revel in unique conversations that are up to the minute…tapas plates that are filled with the latest gastronomic treats. 


Here in the relaxed and friendly tapas scene you have a chance get to know some foods like you´ve never seen them before.  (imagine melt-in-your-mouth roasted red peppers stuffed with cod and cheese–not a pairing seen in most spots in North America.)  Like a plate of tapas you have a chance to get to know business colleagues or potential clients in a different light.


Social media gives you a chance to get to know people on a social level and,  like a tapas bar gives, them a chance to know you or your business on a more personal level.  Remember the well known phrase that people do business with those they know and trust.


Social media, like tapas, gives us a chance to get to know and understand in a unique new setting.     

I hope this has made some sense.  I would welcome any other similarities or analogies you think apply. 


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