Social Media for the Reluctant Travel Pro


We’ve all heard that when joining into conversations on any social media site it’s all about the conversation; developing rapport on a personal level, offering ideas, inviting conversation and offering expertise…not selling!

Guess what, it’s true!   The old adage that people buy from those they like and respect is true now more than ever.

In these online conversations you can offer advice or seek advice.  In either of these roles you’ll reap the reward of meeting new people and learning.  Plus you’ll find yourself in contact with people you may not have had access to in your circle of colleagues.

In a recent discussion I started on LinkedIn as I prepared for the NTA Convention, I got responses from travel pros as far away as South Africa and Dubai and learned about their successes with social media.

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Social Media Best Practices

  1. Join conversations and keep active in them.  It’s great to respond, yet you’ll want to keep abreast of the conversation so that you’re not a ‘one hit wonder’ never to be heard from again.
  2. As in live conversations, be yourself…as opposed to the ‘know it all’!  Participation in a polite give and take manner applies online just as it does in person.
  3. Thank people and follow up in a separate conversation if necessary.
  4. Be relevant!  This isn’t the place to let everyone know what you’ve had for lunch.  It is the place to let people know when you’ve discovered a great new hotel, insightful blog or fabulous restaurant.

I challenge you to jump in to the social media venue of your choice and become active and involved.  It’s an exciting new world that’s changing the way we do business.  Can you afford not to be there too?

Watch for the upcoming blog posts on each of the most popular types of social media.  We’ll talk about the best practices and how to easily get involved.

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