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Social Media Packages for ADVAIA Clients

We make it easy for you to grow your social marketing footprint and to maximize your presence.

Do you already have a page? We can renovate and redecorate it for you to leverage your results.

Gold Package

$99.00 one-time investment.

+ applicable taxes ($129 Value)

  • Customized Facebook business page built or renovated
  • 5 Facebook posts over 7 days. (this is an additional 2 posts over the Regular Package)
  • One (1) video graphic post
  • 10 relevant business ‘likes’. Your business page will become a fan of businesses based on your niche.
  • Add two (2) Milestones featuring past events, group departures or company achievements
  • An event page that will list up to three of your upcoming events
  • 10 travel photos (provided by you*) will be uploaded to the business page (this is an additional 5 photos over the Regular Package for non-ADVAIA members)
  • Link your personal and business pages to showcase your expertise
  • Checklist to help you build a base of fans
  • Marketing tips & resource guide
  • Site Administrator on a limited basis
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Platinum Package

$139.00 one-time investment.

+applicable taxes ($219 Value)

In conjunction with an Advaia website program

  • All of the features of the above Gold package
  • One (1) video graphic post
  • Customized graphic including agency name, website and sales invitation
    • Posted direct to your page (posted monthly if posting service is selected. See below)
    • Choice of 1 of 3 templates
  • Customized Cover Image
    • Graphic from your library OR from your Advaia designed website*
    • Choice of 1 of 3 templates
  • 1 additional album will be created consisting of images from select suppliers
  • 30 minute coaching session. One-time opportunity
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Facebook: Build or Renovate

Please compare & choose the service that’s right for you.


Custom Facebook business page

Gold Star Platinum Star

5 Facebook posts over 7 days

Gold Star Platinum Star

One (1) video post

Gold Star Platinum Star

Link your personal & business pages

Gold Star Platinum Star

Posts based on your niche & specialty

Gold Star Platinum Star

Posted directly to your page for you

Gold Star Platinum Star

10 relevant business ‘likes’

Gold Star Platinum Star

10 photos uploaded

Gold Star Platinum Star

Event Page

Gold Star Platinum Star

2 Milestones

Gold Star Platinum Star

Site Administrator on a limited basis

Gold Star Platinum Star

Fan Building Resource Guide

Gold Star Platinum Star

Social Marketing Tips & Checklist

Gold Star Platinum Star

1 Additional Photo Album

Platinum Star

Custom Graphic showcasing your business

Platinum Star

Custom Cover Image

Platinum Star

30 minute coaching session

Platinum Star

One-time Investment



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Would you like to schedule Catherine for a speaking engagement at your event?

In good company...look who’s working with Catherine

Susan Filz, Manager, Meetings & Events, MAST Travel Network

Susan Filz, Manager, Meetings & Events, MAST Travel Network

“Catherine is a joy to work with.  Conscientious, professional and comes well prepared.   It is easy to tell that she loves what she does”

Jay Smith, President, Sports Travel and Tours

Jay Smith, President, Sports Travel and Tours

“Anytime I can see and listen to Catherine Heeg’s presentations at NTA’s TREX I make sure I clear my time and attend. Catherine is fun and gets you to think about communication tactics in a simple format to understand. I have found Catherine so informative attending her seminars and webinars, that I now can call myself a friend and a client. I listen to Catherine’s weekly marketing message too every Monday morning over my morning coffee. A few great tips for my social media every week! Thanks Catherine, you are the best!”

Catherine Prather, CTP, President, National Tour Association

Catherine Prather, CTP, President, National Tour Association

Catherine Heeg has been an NTA trusted favorite for years—not only for our members but also for our management team. As a social media and digital marketing expert, she brings meaningful, relevant, current, and always on-point tips, resources, and solutions to our members. And for our team, she is a consummate professional, as well as such a pleasure, in all of our interactions.

Speaking topics include:

  • Social media strategy, design, implementation
  • Compelling communication tactics for sales and marketing professionals
  • Effectively integrating social and traditional marketing strategies and tactics
  • Selling skills that leverage social media to reach customers and prospects

Here’s how we can work together:

  • Live sessions at your upcoming conference or convention
  • Real-time live webinars for your staff or travel partner
  • On-line course development and presentation

Interactive sessions engage participants and a toolbox of strategies allows them to immediately implement what they have learned.

Would you like to schedule Catherine for a speaking engagement at your event?

What Our Clients Tell Us

“Thank you so much for your help.  Just looked at my page and see it is easier to find and it has beautiful content. We sure needed your help.  You have made such a difference for us and have helped the stress level.”

- Joy Cicero, Joy’s Adventures

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