Survey and Poll. Connect with your clients

We all know the importance of listening to our clients. How often do we truly listen? Powerful listening creates loyal clients, nips any concerns before they get huge and inspires repeat and referral business.

There are a couple of on-line polls that make it really simple to listen to what your clients are thinking or needing.

LinkedIn has a simple and effective way to poll your connections. Simply go the “More” tab and click on “Polls” to create a short poll. I prefer to keep the number of questions to a maximum of 3 or 4 so that it’s easy for your connections to quickly provide you the benefit of their opinions. You can poll your first degree connections for free. In addition you can share your poll via e-mail, blog, website or within a group by using the URL provided.

Facebook also has a Polls application, “My Polls” as well as “Polls on Facebook” work well to create polls for your personal page as well as your business page.

Getting the word out about your poll:

1.add your poll to the discussion section of groups you belong to

2.tweet and lead your followers to the LinkedIn or Facebook poll

3.Send an e-mail to clients inviting them to join you on LinkedIn and/or Facebook and take the poll

4.Include the URL in your correspondence.

Results and stats:

LinkedIn provides a graphic analysis in the “My Polls” tab showing the percentage of responses to each answer. Full comments are shown on this same page.

This simple polling process can be a powerful tool to open conversations with clients and colleagues leading to more relevant products and services.

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