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3 Social Monitoring Tools


Want to know what’s being said about your company, destination, top supplier or hotel?  These tools are great for listening in from the outside—being that mouse in the corner.  With the information you learn you’ll be able to adjust

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3 Tips and 3 Tactics for Video E-mail


Did you know that video generates 60% of internet traffic?

Now you can easily harness the power of video and combine it with e-mail in one simple tool. Here’s how…

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13 Pinterest Tips for Travel Agents


Travel pros build credibility and SEO with these 13 Pinterest tips. Growing your social media presence using graphics to attract new clients.

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Random Acts of Kindness


What are you doing to provide random acts of kindness and remarkable service for your clients? Here’s a true story.

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3 Tips to Turbo-Charged Listening


Listening doesn’t have to be a lost art…here’s a start to it’s revival! 3 Listening Tips that will help build stronger client and guest relationships.

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Survey and Poll. Connect with your clients


How to use on-line polls to increase your awareness of client needs. Provide top-notch service when you’re able to listen to your clients and respond quickly.

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3 Examples of Remarkable Service


What can you do to ensure your service is Remarkable? Here are 3 examples you can draw on to create your own remarkability!

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3 Quick Listening Tips! A genuine way to generate business


3 tips to boost your listening skills and help you gain new clients and retain loyal clients.

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Value-added opportunities


Creative value-added solutions to engage and retain clients. Another way to inspire raving fans.

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