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4 Ways to use a Video Blog


If a picture is worth a thousand words, how valuable is video?  Think about how popular You-Tube has become.  Wouldn’t you love to have that impact on your clients?

Think how thrilled your clients will be to see you in the

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2 key tips to Create an Audio Recording of your Blog


Engage your clients and uncover new readers.  Have you ever thought about repurposing your hard working blog posts into audio recordings?  You’ve spent all that time writing your blog, why not extend the life and reach of your work.

Don’t worry,

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6 Creative Uses for your Audio Podcast


6 ways to use an audio podcast for travel & tourism pros.

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2 Tips and 4 Best Practices for Podcasting!


Podcasting for Profit

In Podcasting for Profit – The first step to Success, we talked about what you need to engage your potential clients and audience through podcasts. Now that you know what equipment to use, you can get started

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Podcasting for Profit – The first step to Success



Podcasting!  Is it audio or video?  Either and both!

That’s right!  Podcasting is a term that refers to both audio and video recordings that can be easily made right in your office or on the road.

What an opportunity to stand

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3 Facebook Questions and Answers


Knowledge without action is like no knowledge at all. The purpose of this blog entry is to help you build your social media knowledge by enabling you to find out what your social media needs are, and by providing answers

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4 Ways to get more Mileage from your Blog Posts


Want to save some time?  Here are a couple of simple ways for your, tourism and travel pros,  to turn the hard work you’ve put into writing your blog into other formats to reach a broader audience.

Blogs provide you the

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How to get more Exposure for your Blog. A checklist for travel pros!


Travel pros–gain more readers for your blog. A checklist to engage readers and build your business.

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2 Tips to Podcast for Profit


The Power of Podcasting made simple.

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