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5 Facebook Queries to Understand YOUR Audience Better


Facebook queries are an easy way to dive a bit deeper than Page Insights. Travel & Tourism pros learn questions to develop social marketing and advertising plans

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2 Polling Tools. Jumpstart your fan engagement!



Want to Jumpstart your clients Facebook experience?  Want to land more new fans?

Polls are a powerful way to engage people as you’re asking their opinion…what person doesn’t want to express their likes and opinions.

The key is to

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Search Secrets for LinkedIn Users


Have you heard what some people call LinkedIn? The ‘red-headed step child’ of social media. Imagine that! As a red-head I was a big put off by that description but I got over it quickly and jumped feet first into

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Survey and Poll. Connect with your clients


How to use on-line polls to increase your awareness of client needs. Provide top-notch service when you’re able to listen to your clients and respond quickly.

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