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Are You Missing Out on the Luxury Traveler?


In case you missed it, the luxury and niche travel business has been exploding in growth. Tour operators are offering more upscale itineraries with custom built coaches and five-star hotels than ever before. Capacity in the luxury cruise segment increased

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7 Steps to Success at a Group Tour Trade Show


It’s show time! As in group tour trade shows. Some of these shows attract around 4ooo attendees per year from all over the country. There are also regional shows, smaller shows that target niches, and some shows that invite group

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Mini Marketing Tips for Tourism Pros – Google Alerts


Google Alerts are a time saver! And it’s easy! Follow the steps below and set up alerts for your markets, your state tourism office, and trends you want to keep up with.

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3 Tips to Get Your Emails Opened Quickly


Ensure your email gets opened with these quick tips for travel and tourism pros. Email subject lines; length, wording and emotion are winning.

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How to Use Video to Market Your Next Group


Tips to produce your own videos in order to better market your upcoming travel groups. Fire up your video imagination. Stuart Lloyd Cohen Group Launch Sequence. Catherine Heeg will showcase video slideshow options and strategies along with cool new video features for travel pros

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