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3 Secrets to Simplify Blog Writing


A blog with added video and photos helps boost SEO. Video interviews & photo blogs fuel your content creation and make blog writing easy.

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2 Social Metrics Tools + Tips


Do you want to know how many people are really clicking on the links in your e-blasts and blogs? Knowing the relevancy of the information you’re providing is key to engaging your audience and solidifying relationships.  Here are some tools

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2 Photos Tools for Travel & Tourism Pros



Pinterest is taking our industry by storm!

Booming thunder, white lightning, the whole shebang!Are your photos like that lightning storm?  Do they throw viewers back in their seat in awe?

Are your photo descriptions like thunder leaving readers amazed

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Must-read Advanced Blog Tactics for Travel & Tourism pros – 16 tips


Did you know that 19% of travellers visit a blog site when planning a trip.  Wouldn’t you love for them to be so intrigued with your content and expertise that they book with you?

Content is KING!  Yet sometimes we

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3 Timeline Tips for Travel Pros using Facebook for Business



Exciting changes travel quickly!   Facebook’s Timeline for business pages is HOT news!

As a travel pro, here are ­­­­­­­­­­3 tips and tricks, plus an important bonus tactic, to keep you ahead of the game.  I know, you’re probably overwhelmed by bookings,

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Social Chats that Yield Business


Twitter Hashtag

On Twitter, there are some really cool conversations happening that bring together groups of people at a set time and date.  Think of combining a sales seminar and information meeting into 1 format that joins people

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