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2 Tips to Finding the Time for Social Media


Getting involved with social media and finding the time to stay on track with your social media marketing strategies may have to involve a change in your focus. For example, think about how much time are you currently spending

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Facebook: The importance of getting started


Are you still thinking why do I need to be on Facebook? I don’t have the time! Maybe you already have a Facebook page, but are wondering how to update it and keep your fans engaged.

You are not alone in

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3 Cool Summertime Marketing Ideas


3 tips to a HOT marketing plan

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How to get more Exposure for your Blog. A checklist for travel pros!


Travel pros–gain more readers for your blog. A checklist to engage readers and build your business.

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Social Media and the Mizquita


Here in Cordoba, Spain 2 major ethnic groups have co-existed for centuries each building and renovating the others glorious churches and mosques.  Let’s take a minute to draw a comparison here to traditional media and new media (also known as

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Why aren’t your clients buying from you?


Have you been shopping for a new cell phone or smart phone lately?  A few months ago I had to replace my old phone as the number 1 key was sticking horribly and making this screeching noise at random times

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Bold & Daring


How to be Bold & Daring in your branding and marketing.

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Welcome to Catherine Heeg’s Blog


Did you know that 2 of 5 journalists get all their info for an article from Twitter?  Social media is changing the way we do business, especially in the travel industry.

Have you seen the movie “Julie and Julia” with Meryl

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