The Secret of Timing. Social Media Success.

The secret of timing

Are you finding it hard to fit social media, audio and video podcasting and blogging into your work day?  So many people I meet when I speak at conventions are challenged by how to prioritize their time and talent.

Every day

In my experience I’ve found success by setting aside a specific amount of time each day for social marketing.  This enables me to batch different tasks; research and write, record a couple of audio podcasts at one time, write a series of blog posts and turn articles into pre-scheduled Facebook posts and tweets.

Additionally it’s helpful to:

  • Check Facebook pages for comments and respond quickly
  • Scan Tweets and look at specific hashtags (#)
  • Read industry highlights and comment

Every Week

Each week I try to run thru the groups that I belong to on LinkedIn and answer questions, read material that’s newly posted and connect with those I’ve met during a recent conference.

In addition, I look at my Page Insights on Facebook and assess what’s been successful.  What posts have gotten the most attention, what links have the most click thrus and where my new fans are coming from.  These answers provide me the tools to tweak my upcoming posts.

When you commit to staying involved with your marketing efforts you’ll find that clients seek out your expertise and pass it along to their friends. Imagine filling your next group tour, selling your hotels’ group allotment or finding new sources of visitors to your attraction all thru the power of social connections.

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When you find yourself too busy to research and post, here’s the solution for you.

Let’s keep the conversation relevant.

Social Marketing Strategies for Travel and Tourism

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By Catherine Heeg

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