Three F’s of Selling!

Ok, I know what you’re thinking!  Nope, that F-word doesn’t figure into to this line-up.

In order to successfully sell and market yourself, your product or your destination you may want to consider these 3 tips to keep from failing:

  1. Don’t flub up!
  2. Don’t fritter away your time
  3. Don’t forget to have a bit of FUN!

We don’t wake up in the morning and say to ourselves, “Today I’m going to consciously flub up.”  Nope, if you’re like me you wake up and go thru the list of things you need to accomplish during the day.  Flubbing up just happens!

In this day and age of Facebook, Blackberries and Twitter the need to be totally wired seems to take over.  At times do you feel that there’s just too much going on that it’s hard to focus on any one thing?  (There’s another F-word for us)  Is this lack of focus is perhaps the cause of flubbing up?

At a recent convention I noticed that people were trying to Tweet during an educational session, they were downloading photos of the speaker to their Facebook page and they were surreptiously trying to answer e-mail on their Blackberry.  How do you think their focus was on any of those tasks?  How much less listening to the speaker and trying to absorb new ideas was happening?

On the flip side of the coin is the second point.  Don’t fritter away your time.  While we’ve become experts at multi-tasking to make better use of our time, do you at times find yourself staring at your email and reading one e-mail after another while an important task awaits.  This type of time-suck is a method of procrastination!  We look busy; we convince ourselves that this is important work.  However, consider what’s really at the top of your To-Do list.

Lastly, in order to stay successful and not fail, we need to have some FUN!

Just think if you were able to play hooky at lunch?  How about a full day of Fun!  I’ve been known to take ‘executive retreat’ days and increase my Fun quotient coming back to the office refreshed and ready to take on a new project.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and success stories on the F’s in your work world.

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