Value-added opportunities

Recently I spoke at the NTA (National Tour Association) convention and was amazed by 3 things in our industry:

  1. How easy it is to meet people and connect on a level to improve our industry or business venture
  2. The power of a value added opportunity.  This opportunity doesn’t have to be rocket-science, yet it has to be valuable in their world.
  3. The importance of face to face networking

In every business setting there’s an opportunity to provide extra value.  The extra value may be as simple as a Customs Form in the backseat of a taxi.  It may be a cold bottle of water on the podium for a speaker.  In a hotel it may be the smell of fresh baked cookies wafting thru the lobby.  For a travel agent’s client, it may be a personal phone call to learn of your clients’ future travel plans or to wish them a happy birthday. A tour operator may provide something extra on a fam tour then capture it with photos on their website or blog.

Whatever creative way you can bring value to your guests or clients the more remarkable your impact will be.

I challenge you to get creative in your marketing, your service delivery or your sales approach.  Provide a value-added opportunity that will cause your clients to become your raving fans and brand evangelists.

As a value-added benefit to you, when you comment on this blog  with me on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn or right here, I’ll send you a list of powerful, proven travel industry marketing tips.

The challenge is yours!

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