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Busy!  That’s the answer I hear when talking with industry leaders and consumers today.    What can our industry do in this fast paced world to reach our busy clients most effectively and catapult them into the marketing funnel quickly?

Short, quirky and fun is the new social mantra that’s proven to capture attention.

Video is the new marketing powerhouse

Short video platforms are emerging as the hot new way to engage busy people. The success of Twitter’s Vine and Instagram Video points to the reality that short micro-video can be an informative and fun way to reach your audience.   Imagine what you can accomplish in 6 seconds:

Tour Operators:   deliver one quick set of enthralling images of an upcoming tour.  Pick one topic as your focus; food, activities or client comments.

Here is an example of some Vines created at a recent NTA #TREX14

Georgia on my mind

Destinations: showcase one key event or feature that will capture attention.  Think sunsets, city scapes or quirky tidbits.

Here’s an example of how Explore Georgia is using Vine.

Explore GA


Suppliers: highlight THE essential reason to choose them; location, breakfast selection, group booking ease.

Videos work overtime for you as they can be incorporated into your newsletters, blog posts, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, You Tube and Google+ marketing campaigns.  These small bite-sized chunks of information meet the needs of busy clients and give them another channel to learn and engage.

Bonus tip:  Google Hangouts are other options to consider when planning your video marketing program.  Learn more about using them here.

What travel or tourism videos have caught your eye lately?

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