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Have you ever felt moved by a movie or TV show? Video is such a great way to capture not only your clients’ attention, but also their imagination. That’s why video marketing is taking hold in the travel and tourism world.

And the good news? It’s now easier than ever! Using Vine, you can create 6-second powerhouse videos that stick in your clients’ minds.

Step 1 – Sign Up

For mobile convenience, Vine is an app that is available to download on your smartphone (for now, iPhone and new Android phones). From your phone’s menu, access the App store and search for “Vine.” The app is free! Download it to your phone to begin.

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To make an account on Vine, you can use either your email or Twitter account. Choose a unique username that reflects your company in a way that your clients will recognize. If you wish, you may change your username at any time in your Account Settings.

Step 2 – Create Content

When the app is open, click the camera icon in the top right corner of the screen.

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From here, you are free to create your film right away using your phone’s camera! When you make your first video, an in-app tutorial will show you how to thread together several short videos into one Vine.

Another cool trick for short videos like Vine is to use stop-motion. You can use stop-motion to show an overview of your destination throughout an entire day, a sped-up video of your clients doing an activity on a tour or cruise, the opportunities are endless! Watch this stop-motion Vine show how to make a quick and easy snack: Click here to view.

Step 3 – Make the most of your Vines

We all know 6 seconds isn’t the longest time in the world. So how can you make the most of it?

Destinations: Use Vine to showcase the “real-life feel” of your area’s features to clients. Check out how Visit Savannah really captures the spooky vibe of their cemetery walk! Click here to watch.

Hotels: Clients are used to room and facility photos when researching where to stay, so take this chance to mix it up a bit and create a mini-tour video on Vine! Just like Hyatt 48 Lex in New York City: Click here to watch.

Travel agents: Use Vine to create a friendly welcome message to clients that can be shared on your social pages.  Imagine using Vine to capture highlights on your next fam!

Oftentimes, creating that life-like feel when displaying your key elements is crucial to draw clients in and inspire them to travel.

Got any great Vines that have impressed you? Share them in the comments below!


Written in cooperation with Ruby Murphy.


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By Catherine Heeg

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