Vine Stop-Motion Clips: A How-To for Travel Professionals


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Sometimes Vine videos seem like they’re only a split second long. But did you know that easy editing can make them stick in viewers’ minds for a long time after?

Some of the most popular videos on the Vine app are stop-motion creations that run on a loop so viewers can marvel at it over and over. Think it must be tough? Think again! Follow these simple steps to create your very own stop-motion masterpiece.

Step 1- Set up your Vine account:

Be sure you have a Vine account set up and active. If not, make a quick stop at this guide.

Step 2 – Stabilize for your Vine shoot:

Prepare to shoot, preferably using a tripod or stable surface to hold your phone in place (this will ensure each photo in the sequence is taken from the same spot, making for an identical background).

Step 3 – Activate the Ghost feature:

Use Vine’s built-in “Ghost” feature to ensure perfect placement of each shot in your presentation. Just click the ghost figure in the bottom menu!

Not activated:

Not activated screen shot


activated screen shot

Continue using the ghost feature for each part of your video to make for a smooth stop-motion!

Tour Operators: Use the ghost feature to create a mini time-lapse of the start/finish of one of your upcoming feature tours.

Destinations: Use a stop-motion Vine as an opportunity to point out cool features of your spot to future guests in a fun and engaging way.

Travel Agents:  Use a stop-motion clip of a suitcase and fill it up with must-haves for travel!


Here’s an example:

Over to you: what other ideas do you have for your first stop-motion clip?  Feel free to post your own Vines or your favorites here.

Written in cooperation with Ruby Murphy

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By Catherine Heeg

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