Want more fans? 3 Essential Tips

Do you go to sleep at night thinking about how to engage and grow your Facebook Fan base?  Or does it cause you sleepless nights?  I hope neither is the case!  However, here are 3 essential tips to help you gather more loyal fans.

I’ve been speaking to a group of NACTA travel consultants aboard the Voyager of the Seas and these pros are seriously committed to growing their business using the tools available on Facebook.

Here are a couple of tips to get you thinking creatively.

1.       Add hyperlinks from your blog posts back to related information on your Facebook page.

  • When you repurpose your blog to other sites like ezinearticles your new group of eyeballs will be drawn to your Facebook page and ultimately your business.  Be certain that once they arrive at your Facebook page there’s relevant information to raise their curiosity.  When you provide some value-added material they’ll love you and reach out as your newest fan.  This value-add can be something as simple as a packing list, a tip sheet for the destination you’ve covered in your blog or your list of insider tips for the cruise you’ve just taken.

2.       Use e-mail superbly!

  • Compose an email that includes the 2 most important words for your clients….YOU and BECAUSE!  You’ll want to engage those on your mailing list and entice them to visit your fan page because these people already know you and may be looking for more information for an upcoming trip.
  • Be certain to include your blog and Facebook links into your e-mail signature.

3.       Join conversations on other blogs where your clients may already be doing their research.

  • Remember 19% of travellers read a blog when planning a trip.
  • Have you considered joining conversations on the blogs of your favorite CVB’s and DMO’s?  When you join these conversations, potential travellers to that destination will notice your posts, respect your expertise and connect with you for their booking.

Advanced  bonus tips:

  • Create a landing page also known as a Welcome page.  People are 67% more likely to ‘like’ a Facebook page that has a welcome page.  (my web designer is a pro at this—Troy Jaggard).  Check out my Facebook page and find more industry resources there when you ‘like’ it.
  • Run a contest.  Check out the Wildfire application for details and costing.  (don’t worry, it’s very reasonable.)
  • Develop an ad targeted to your audience demographic.  (remember you can set your budget)
  • Add polls and surveys into your blog posts.  Please answer this survey so that I can continue to provide you with relevant information.  Check out how it works!
  • Check off your progress on this checklist that I’ve put together for travel pros.

These are tips that supplement your relevant content.  In combination with understanding your audience, you’ll have a winning strategy!  Please become a fan of the Customized Management Solutions Facebook page for more tips and techniques to grow your business.

What exciting techniques have you used to grow your fan base?  When we share our ideas our industry only becomes stronger and more relevant to consumers.  Look forward to hearing from you.

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