Why aren’t your clients buying from you?

Have you been shopping for a new cell phone or smart phone lately?  A few months ago I had to replace my old phone as the number 1 key was sticking horribly and making this screeching noise at random times during the day.  Not good!

The first store I went into the sales person pulled out 5 phones and started to list the features of each phone.  I was lost after the first one.  I left after the 2nd description.

The second store was even worse.  I was now more confused than ever.

Finally in the 3rd store the sales pro asked me several questions about how I may use the phone, where I travel for work and what was the 1 top thing I wanted to be able to have the phone do for me.  Great questions!  I had found the right place and maybe even the right sales person.  After a brief conversation she brought out 2 phones and let me touch each of them and play around with the features while she talked about how each phone would benefit ME!  45 minutes later, I walked out with a new phone.  2 days later she called me to see if I had any further questions.  I was thrilled!

How does this apply to the travel industry?

  1. Can your clients picture themselves in the vacation that you’re describing?  How can you help them touch, feel and smell their vacation choice?  When you provide only a limited number of choices based on your knowledge of your client you can better help them see themselves in the scene you’re painting for them.
  2. Do you make it easy for them to choose you?  When you are able to provide your clients with a value proposition to book with you rather than another source, they will choose the best value.  Therefore, make certain that they know the benefits of booking with a travel pro.         Your expertise = their peace of mind!
  3. How often to you contact your clients?  Keep the connection alive! They will be thrilled to know that you’re thinking of them when you see a package you know they’ll love.

These simple steps will keep your clients from being confused in their vacation buying decisions.  Demonstrate that you are definitely their personal travel pro.

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