Why do viewers see ads on my Facebook page?

How do I eliminate ads from my business page?  This was a big question at the recent NTA Convention.

Many people are baffled why those ads always appear on the right-hand side of their Facebook business page.  Many people are also baffled by why those ads only appear on some Facebook business pages.

I find there are always new baffling questions that arise and I love doing the research to learn the answers.  (Hopefully I learn them before the questions change.)

The Solution:

The solution here is fairly simple if you’re just starting to create your business page.  However, it becomes a bit more complicated if you’ve already started your page and have chosen the category “local business” and have since built up a substantial number of fans.

First, if your business is a ‘local business’—one that has the need to list hours of service, transit information and phone/web contact information—then your business page will always appear with ads on the right hand side of the page. This may apply to restaurants and attractions most frequently.  If this is not the case you may want to consider the next option.

When you’re setting up your business page on Facebook you will have a choice of selecting “local business” or “brand, product or organization”.  When you choose ‘brand, product or organization” you’ll have the opportunity to further select what type of business category you belong.

This choice is important when potential clients search out business types on Facebook, so ensure that you choose the category that most closely represents your business.  Choices within the tourism industry include; airline, food & beverage, hotel/lodging, rental car or travel.

If you have a hotel with a restaurant that draws from the local community you may want to consider having a page for each sector of your business. If you run a tour operation business you may want to consider listing yourself as ‘Travel’.

The value of setting up your business as a ‘brand, product, organization’ is that you have the opportunity to include more detail in the Info tab.  You can include your company overview, mission and products.  Check out this example of the Fairmont Hotels & Resorts.

Now, the bottom line is that when you assign your business the category of ‘brand, product, organization’, ads will not appear on your viewers screen.

If you’ve originally selected ‘local business’ you have a choice of setting up a new page and enticing your fans to follow you (you cannot change your selection) or living with the fact that viewers will see ads that appeal specifically to them when they view your business page.


If you choose to set up a new page and want to entice fans to join you there here are a couple of tips.

  1. Make a post on your current page advising viewers of your new page
  2. Provide some type of incentive for them to ‘like’ your new page
    1. Consider a contest or sweepstakes
  3. Let your Twitter followers know that you now have a new Facebook page
  4. Put the link to your new page in your newsletter and e-zine
  5. When sending out your next e-mail blast, provide a direct hyper- link to this new page
  6. Be sure to change your e-mail signature line to direct people to your new page

What other ideas do you have?  I look forward to keeping the conversation alive as we all learn better from each other.

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